A very frustrating thing is having something you want to say and just being too tired and irritable to put it terms anyone would or should bother to read.
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Merry Christmas, Folks

No real detailed thing here, as I'm waiting for the five hour energy thing to lose its hold on me and drift off to sleep.

Hope you're all having or had a good time.

Random Superhero Comics Thought

There's really no difference between the overblown fan-concept of "Batman as the guy who always wins, always has a contingency, and needs two seconds with a toothpick to disarm your alien antimatter bomb" and the unbeatable Silver-age Superman that many of the same people would disdain.

Position Overrun: Send in Specialists

In the wake of Tropical Storm Hermine, hordes of centipedes have started crawling into our office building and slowly wandering across the floor. We only realized this with a start, as they aren't eye-catching on the wood-grained laminate floors.

Very strange to watch this slow-moving, undirected infestation.

Exterminators are going in tomorrow.

It's Come to My Attention

...that I am not keeping folks up-to-date.

By a long shot.

OK, for anyone I haven't already told, I'm not making Anime Weekend Atlanta this year; the money's not there for travel until I can get my paycheck out of the summer doldrums.

I'm going to try very hard to make Jandi and Ray's wedding.

I bought a Prius a few months back and am liking it very much.

I got two cats a while back that I am also liking very much, except when they decide to stage running battles up the stairs and into the bedroom when I'm trying to sleep.

I will dig up pictures of those last two items.

FYI: Bleah!

I thought I was just tired the last three days, but today, I think I might have some sort of low-grade stomach bug.

*carefully does not touch any of you*

Unrelated: does it vaguely bug anyone else that Bad Company 2's simplified "social button" doesn't let you quick-thank people for giving you ammo, healing, or resurrection, like you could in earlier Battlefield games?